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"I am proud to be able to say not only that I have known you (Master Goss Sr.), but that I have had the pleasure of training under you.  You have influenced my life in ways I can't even measure.  You were my core value for life and I shudder to think where I would be today without your life teachings.  Thank you."

                                                                                         - Master Dave Paskowski


"Sir (Master Goss Jr.), you continue to be an inspiration to my technique and attitude in Tang Soo Do.  It is my hope that I can one day pay homage to someone I consider to be one of the Tang Soo Do greats by emulating your approach and passing it on to students of my own."

                                                                                         - Master Wayne Boozer


"As I was sharing my experience from the 2010 World Tournament in Florida, I was asked to share my experience with all of you. 

I was just another black belt in the room, but what quickly differentiated me from all the others was that I have had the honor of training under Master Goss Sr. and Master Goss Jr. on a regular basis. From the moment I entered the hotel with Master Goss Sr. and Master Goss Jr. we were greeted with great spirit and enthusiasm.  This was a constant theme I observed as numerous parents and practitioners were coming up to OUR instructors asking for autographs and expressing their wish of having an opportunity to train under them.  There were even fellow martial art practitioners from other countries speaking in broken english attempting to tell us what influences our instructors have had on them.  For many this was actually the first time they personally laid eyes on the Goss's other than in a book or in a video.

The experience was very humbling and reinforced within me the true gift of martial arts we have in the Johnstown area.  Here we have a daily opportunity to appreciate the Goss' dedication, instruction and enthusiasm." 

                                                                                         - Master Jason Gies


"The best times of my life were going to tournaments and various events where I was part of the Joe Goss Karate School.  The younger years of my life were so much better with karate because I was part of something I loved and I had a family other than my own blood related family.  I personally know you make an impact on the lives of all your students and I'm lucky to have had the opportunity to train under you.  Training has taught me to be calm, disciplined and have control.  My training in martial arts has shaped the person I am today and I owe it all back to Tang Soo Do and the Joe Goss Karate School."

                                                                                         - Frank Mele