tang so do
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Joe Goss Martial Arts

Free Uniform and Training Discount:

Just mention our website and new students receive the first three months of training at $45/month and free uniform.

Joe Goss Karate School was opened in Johnstown in 1974 by Master Joe Goss, Sr. The school specializes in Tang Soo Do style karate, a traditional Korean form of martial art. Techniques from both Hapkido and Judo are also utilized.

Joe Goss Karate:  in the Galleria Mall:
     - Master Goss Sr., 9th degree Black Belt and head instructor. 
     - Master Joe Goss Jr
., 7th degree Black Belt instructing.

The combined experience of these two Masters totals over 90 years of martial arts excellence! Your training, therefore is unparralled in Johnstown or the surrounding area! More than 6000 students have trained at the Joe Goss Karate schools with more than 600 of those students reaching the rank of black belt. That is quite a testiment to the excellence, experience, and expertise you will find here.